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Sql server lock table while updating

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I don't think that it comes with SQL Server Express, but if where you work there is also another edition of SQL Server, there is a good chance that you'll have profiler at your work place.The profiler can connect to SQL Server express edition.

For more information, see SERIALIZABLE later in this topic.The intention of such structure is obvious – developers are trying to prevent mutiple sessions processing the data for the same ID at the same time. which take time' update My Signal set Description = ' Value 2' where ID = 72057594038910976 rollback Everyone knows that while a record is being updated, SQL Server uses U lock to find the record, conver U lock to X lock, modify the record, and then release the lock(See my blog post here). In this example, while ID 72057594038910976 is modified, SQL server executes the same rule – go though the none clustered primary key to get the RID using U lock then X lock the row,… The alternative solution is to change My Signal table from HEAP to clustered index.From eliminating deadlock perspective, both approaches work perfectly.All examples are run under the default READ COMMITED isolation level.Taken locks differ between isolation levels, however these examples are just to demonstrate the lock mode with an example.The table in question is read from much more often than it is written to.