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The male survey splits results out by country, including the U. Being financially independent: 24%Being successful and fulfilled in her career: 21%None of the above: 15%Being a great mother and wife who takes care of her family: 14%Being charismatic and popular: 1%Being attractive and a great lover: 25% A sense of loyalty: Men 36%, Women 42%A sense of caring/nurturing: Men 23%, Women N/AThe ability to protect: Men N/A, Women 28%A sense of humor: Men 22%, Women 7%Intelligence: Men 19%, Women 23%*This is the first wacky number.The 2011 Great Female Survey indicated that 83% of women selected this option.

In recent years, the male survey alone garnered over 50,000 responses, and last year the female survey had 13,000 respondents. It doesn’t pass my consultant sniff test, but I offer the findings here for you to debate as you will. A family: 41%A high-profile career: 31%A beautiful wife or girlfriend: 15%A beautiful car: 6%A beautiful house: 5%A membership to an exclusive club: 2%50% of American man said “a family.” What defines a “real woman” in 2012?

The broker surprised by the direct offer of the girl looked her up and down.

Among the guys with whom I, after some wanderings met, was a girl Marina. Lena was a short girl with long black hair, expressive brown eyes and a wonderful lean figure. Than I was engaged all the time (in the sense, my eyes did not tear).

I can’t explain why it would have decreased 47% in one year. two elderly women are at a Catskill mountain resort, and one of ’em says, “Boy, the food at this place is really terrible.” The other one says, “Yeah, I know; and such small portions.”” If he/she’s slept with more than 10 partners previously: Men 43%, Women 24%If he/she’s slept with more than 20 partners previously: Men 21%, Women 19%I don’t care how many previous sex partners he/she’s had: Men 20%, Women, 14%If he/she’s slept with more than one other partner previously: Men 10%, About half of men say wife potential is somewhat important, though they won’t break up with a girl if she doesn’t have it.

One of those insufferable TED talks was making the rounds last week. Not once, though, have I ever heard someone tell a man, “Dude, why are you dating her?