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Dating pink coral cameo

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Experts say that the jewelry style enjoyed the greatest popularity during the Roman era, the Renaissance and the 19th century.

Necklace with a cameo of Elizabeth I made of gold, silver, diamond, emerald, pearl and agate and dating to about 1890, England; Museum purchase with funds donated by Susan B.

No matter how simple or hard you think your cameo question is, ask away, right here below on this page. From the sparkle of Diamonds and a long List of Gemstones, one turns to an Antique Cameo with a sense of relief as the eyes rest on the timeless beauty of the carver's art. If you have a Jewelry question unrelated to Cameo Jewelry then Ask Away At Antique Jewelry Investor Help Central Double Cameo of Lady with Monster on Head - what does it mean?

Who is the subject depicted on the surface of your cameo? The first photo is a cameo broach which was sold for ,250 at the Christies's auction in 2007.

Kaplan Photograph; © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston “The cameo, perhaps more than any other form of jewel, has been appreciated as a work of art and an object of virtue since ancient times through to the Renaissance era and the Neo-classical period,” said Michele Rowan, owner of antique store Rowan & Rowan and author of “Nineteenth Century Cameos.” Today, a handful of designers make the classic style their own, whether as the signature of their brand, like Amedeo Scognamiglio, or as one element of their oeuvre, like Jacquie Aiche, Wilfredo Rosado, Lydia Courteille and Laura Lee.

National Jeweler spoke with Scognamiglio, Rowan, and Emily Stoehrer, the Rita J. Kaplan Curator of Jewelry at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, on the cameo’s continued reemergence through the ages. “You really see them in the Roman period,” said Stoehrer.

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Stones in that period were often set in a close-backed mounting, and sometimes foiled as well.“Then there’s a revival of them in the Renaissance period when there’s this renewed interest in classical art and then you see them go in and out of fashion in the 19th and 20th century.” According to Stoehrer, cameos passed down through generations were sometimes repurposed, leaving the cameo itself intact but updating the setting for modernity.This practice is still employed by designers like Aiche, who uses either vintage cameos or carved versions of her own creations, as well as Courteille. “Cameos are relief carvings, in effect miniature sculptures,” Rowan explained.Stones in the rings could also be set in a silver head with a karat gold band and rose cut diamonds, all typical of this time period.Hair and memorial rings were worn by both men and women.Historians often divide the reign of Britain’s longest reigning monarch into three parts: the Early Victorian or Romantic, the Middle Victorian or Grand, and the Late Victorian or Aesthetic periods.