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I'm not quite sure this is what Yahoo had in mind when it decided to release the source for its work on a neural network designed to filter NSFW images out of its search results. Those images were produced by minimising the network's NSFW score.Machine learning enthusiast Gabriel Goh decided to flip the switch on the code from "input" to "output" and the results... You're probably looking at the lead shot above and thinking "Hey, that's not going to fuel my sexy, sexy nightmares! According to Goh, this results in images based largly on the neutral "training set", which appears to have had a thing for Monet-like landscapes.And parents, I’d venture, should be concerned about their kids hanging out on Tumblr blogs that publish some truly shocking stuff. ’s challenges not only lay with the number of Tumblr blogs that contain sexually explicit content material, or what it calls “NSFW” (not safe for work).That’s because: Tumblr relies on bloggers to tag content as NSFW, and when users enable Safe Mode, it automatically filters out “adult themed” blogs.The artificial intelligence system is trained to automatically identify risque images using a probability scale between zero and one.Scores below 0.2 indicate the image is likely safe for all eyes.Good in theory but in practice it doesn’t go nearly far enough.Less than 2 percent of Tumblr porn blogs that my company classified were self-tagged as NSFW.

You know, I think Yahoo's network might have a wee bit of an obsession.

- A man and a woman from Pueblo were arrested on Tuesday for sexually assaulting two children.

The affidavit, released to KRDO News Channel 13 on Thursday, sheds some light on what led to this arrest.

, tan poco fue aceptada la compra que muchos decidieron migrar a servicios como Word Press Dos temas delicados fueron la implementación de publicidad en el sitio y el contenido pornografico.

En rueda de prensa directamente con Marissa Mayer, se confirmó que por parte de Yahoo no se realizará ningún tipo de censura al contenido delicado que se pueda publicar o esté publicado en Tumblr.