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Vba excel status bar not updating

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When I click on a button import file I choose the file, so when I click on start it runs, I hide my worksheet with the code: Application. A userform it shows and I want a progressbar informs the user about the % of work? But this is a much better option as it will speed up the maco execution.

Who can help me on this A mroo Bonjour Amroo, You can make a fairly decent progress indicator by doing something like this: -On your userform add two labels each with a different back colour. It just stops the screen from what is known as 'Repainting'. While a Progress bar will actually slow down your code.

Status Bar = ""The other problem is that unless you are using Excel 2000 your code will stop the moment the User Form shows.

If you are using Excel 2000 you would need to set it's "Show Modal" property to True.

Bonjour, I have a macro (Macro Import) that imports data on a spreadsheet and execute differents operations on the data. Visible = False Secondly, if you have turned off Screenupdating any 'Progess bar' will not update either.

Set one of the labels width to 0 and make sure it is the same height and has the same left coordinate as the other one. A better opyion IMO is to put some brief text in the statusbar, eg; Application.

As your macro is progressing you can update the progress bar with code like this: -Sub Update Progress Indicator(New Percent As Integer)lbl Progress. Width Do Events End Subwhere lbl Progress is the name of the label that you set to width 0. Status Bar = "Macro running, please wait....."Then on completion you would use: Application.

Dave Oz Grid Business Applications A few comments...

This list gives you a glance at the macro tools in ASAP Utilities. I'm sure you'll find some great time-saving tools such as many others did.