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Updating assembly in gac

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I’ve blogged before on how to Easily add a dll to the GAC, but that involves two instances of Windows Explorer and the mouse.

It would be quicker and easier to use the command line to update a dll in the GAC.

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An application may use any number of assemblies, some of which may come with the runtime, some of which may be optional runtime components, and others might be written by third-party developers.This causes a mismatch between the MVIDs of the referenced assembly in GAC and the assembly in SQL Server 2017. NET Framework update requires you to restart the Data Quality Server computer, the affected SQLCLR assemblies are upgraded automatically to fix the MVID mismatch issue on restarting the Data Quality Server computer. NET Framework updates that do not require you to restart your Data Quality Server computer, an error occurs due to the mismatch in the MVIDs of the assemblies when you try to connect to a Data Quality Server using a Data Quality Client: To fix this issue, the affected SQLCLR assemblies in SQL Server 2017 must be upgraded.You can do so by running the file with the upgradedlls command line parameter to skip recreating the DQS databases, and just upgrade the affected assemblies.Gac Install My Updated Assuming that My Updated is in the same directory.Combined with my last tip Recycle An Individual Application Pool From The Command Line you can now write a bat or cmd file to replace the dll in the GAC and recycle the application pool with 2 key presses: The up arrow key and then return.At run time, Mono looks in three places for assemblies necessary to run a program.